Moving beyond 365: Kanchan Koseli

In 2000-2001, when we were in our 8th or 9th standard, we started the first monthly child magazine ‘Kanchan Koseli’ (‘Sacred gift’) of the far-west region in Nepal. We shared our roles as editors to being retailers. It was in an era when the Internet was farfetched-inaccessible talk of the town, that too in the remote part of Nepal. We used to get letters of submissions. We had our editorial board meetings thrice a month. We used to select, edit and publish poems, essays and prose from many students throughout. I also grabbed this opportunity, with advice from my father, to award the best poems. Amrita and I saved our lunch expenses to cash award the best poets. This newspaper clip was from when our magazine got featured in the national newspaper of Nepal. Those were the aspirations of young heralds from remote Nepal where having no resources did not even limit us- and now I think we can do even better…

~Sanjeeta Hridayaninadini


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