Moving beyond 365: Kanchan Koseli

In 2000-2001, when we were in our 8th or 9th standard, we started the first monthly child magazine 'Kanchan Koseli' ('Sacred gift') of the far-west region in Nepal. We shared our roles as editors to being retailers. It was in an era when the Internet was farfetched-inaccessible talk of the town, that too in the... Continue Reading →

Moving beyond 365: Hanuman

My childhood memories are full of us celebrating some or the other festivals in Nepal. Nag Panchami, when we worshipped snakes, to Tulsi Vivah and so on of worshipping every other being around us. This instilled respect for nature in me. Empathy. And humility. There used to be a photo of the child Hanuman, hanging... Continue Reading →

Moving beyond 365: The flight

Moving beyond 365 days: After a long transit of almost 10 hours, I rushed to enter the plane. Made myself comfortable, selected the oscar-listed movies and requested a glass of orange juice. As I was watching, I heard the yell of a toddler in the backdrop. Noticed a mother was travelling with a toddler. He... Continue Reading →

Moving beyond 365: 2022 and lessons

The year 2022 was great learning! I met 365 positive stories and lots of appreciation on my way to 2023. But, this does not mean my life had all positive vibes and sunshine! There were more harsh situations, more negative people and more failing times. Amidst these negativities, I cherished positive stories. I cherished them,... Continue Reading →

Moving beyond 365: Pele

In our school days, we were taught about the legacies of global legends. One of the stories that got stuck in my mind was of #Pele. As the chapter was ending, my teacher said 'talents can never be blocked', I don't know if any of my classmates heard, but I did, clear and loud! Thanks to... Continue Reading →

Moving beyond 365: Elephant-human Coexistence (Nepali)

This post is in response to a story of "Herne Katha" episodes on elephant-human negative interactions. And this short post is in Nepali: बाहुनडाँगीमा मान्छे र हात्तीको लडाईं रोक्ने केही उपाय छन् कि ? जानकारहरूले भन्दिनुस् न । सजिलो छैन। तर, असम्भव पनि हैन। हरेक भूभाग र हात्ती फरक फरक हुने भएकाले, एकैनासको समाधान भने... Continue Reading →

Moving beyond 365: Empathy

I called myself as a 'living fossil' of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) as I stayed there for almost 11 years. On and off travelling to different forests and countries, and flying back home (IISc). I did my PhD and two postdoc positions staying there at IISc, though affiliated with different institutes. India is the best... Continue Reading →

365th day of Project Positive 365

#ProjectPositive365 365th day (the 8th of October, 2022): And here ends the journey that I started a year ago. Many of you asked- why I started this quest. Back there in IISc, at the peak of pandemic frustration and rise in mental health issues (multiple instances of attempted self-harm by the students), I witnessed many... Continue Reading →

364th day of Project Positive 365

#ProjectPositive365 364th day (6th October 2022): Just one day and this quest ends. Met thousands of positive stories. The sadness behind smiles. Anxious words. Adapted solitude. Silent crowd. Hushed pain. Yelling silence. Free birds in the cage. Unhealed healings. Disregarded respect. Life will have challenges. We accept not ever hurt yourself for being in... Continue Reading →

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